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Have Any Questions about our non surgical treatments?

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Will it hurt?

Treatment is as painless as possible.

Local anaesthetic creams numb the treatment area externally.

The filler used in the procedure contains a numbing agent which also acts as an internal and external anaethestic.

Canulae are used to minimise any discomfort and save your time. No needles are involved at any stage during the process.

So how much bigger will my penis be?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips.

Most patients should see gains in penis length of around half an inch when flaccid and up to three inches when the penis is erect.

The gains in girth thickness should vary between three quarters of an inch and just under two inches when the penis is erect.

In our experience, it’s usually the extra thickness which is the greatest priority for most of our patients.

How long do treatments take?

It’s quick and easy.

Each treatment usually takes up to an hour and you are free to go home straight away.

Do I need to take time off work?

In most cases, time off work isn’t necessary.

We suggest avoiding sporting activity or heavy lifting for about a week after penis enlargement. Glans procedures require less downtime.

Can I have sex straight after treatment?

Around a week

We usually recommend you wait for one week before having sexual intercourse after penis enlargement and glans enlargement.

Are there any complications I need to be aware of?

In most cases, no.

Of course, infections might happen but we will always send you home with antibiotics. We will carry out a review after two weeks. 


Leading specialist in cosmetic medicine

Dr James Kimilu is a leading specialist in cosmetic medicine, having performed thousands of male procedures.


Professional staff & Discreet Location

You will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and discretion and our premises are in a discreet location in the leafy suburbs south of Manchester.



Successful, Satisfying Results

Penis enlargement could give you more self-confidence. Whether in the bedroom, changing room, on the beach, or in the gym.

The reaction of our satisfied customers prove it.

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Dr Confidence Aesthetics enjoys a discreet location in the leafy suburbs south of Manchester.

8a Framingham Road
M33 3SH

Telephone : 0161 973 4337

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We are easily accessible by road, rail, or air. Our clinic is a mile outside the M60 motorway which surrounds Greater Manchester. Parking is available.

We are 100 metres away from the Metrolink stop at Brooklands, making Manchester city centre only a 15-minute tram ride away.

It is also just a short taxi journey to Manchester Airport, five miles away.

Our Customer Comments

* I’d recommend this service to everyone. It’s discreet and the lovely lady on the phone called Gemma makes you feel comfortable and at ease. The doctor was fantastic.

* A highly professional and caring doctor who listens to patients very carefully and addresses all concerns.

* Dr James is always welcoming, accommodating and above all brilliant at his craft. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

* Very good and effective treatment provided. Thanks to the doctor and staff for excellent care.

* Post results are incredible. The team are really professional and easy to talk to regarding any questions. The value is excellent.

* What a charming man! Outstanding patient care and a great service.

* I can wholeheartedly recommend. Lovely man, great service, thorough, professional and will make you feel at ease with his manner and skill. Simply an outstanding experience and service.